My (Un)Truth

Morning gloryPay attention friends, this was huge for me. Buried deep in my psyche has been a long-held belief that has driven my life as a truth and today I plucked it out with tweezers and recognized the absolute absurdity of it. Where in the world did I come up with this one “truth” that has shaped my life for 51 years. It goes like this: ONCE YOU HAVE IT ALL THEN YOU DIE. Omg, really??? No wonder I have a huge fear of success. I mean, this is monumental. Yep, I held on to the notion that if I had achieved all I wanted in this life that that was what the purpose of life was and then you die. Not just a little but as in dirt nap.

I went out for a morning run/walk this morning and as I was listening to Mike Dooley and his audiobook, Manifesting Change,  it dawned on me that it is pretty hard to manifest change when you have a ginormous boulder that blocks the path at every turn. I’m horrified and elated at the same time. I held this belief all of my life and in the blink of an eye I can discard it like a cheap suit. I distinctly remember believing this as a kid. “Don’t wish for too much, Baba or your life will be over. ” Or, “Life is about achieving what you want and then you die.” I actually believed this! Talk about anti-manifesting.

Perhaps this is the monumental shift that I have been summoning for the last week. The electric undercurrent of something bigger than myself at play. I must be manifesting change and it is okay to believe I will fly privately for the rest of my life. Happy trails my friends. May you manifest exactly what you think about because as Mike famously says, “thoughts become things. Choose the good ones. “

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I confess that I know nothing of astronomy but I remain utterly fascinated by the galaxy and its secrets and revelations. A thought occurred to me about connectivity and how the constellations have connected stars and have for as long as we know. I’m sure these questions are easily answered but I prefer to revel in my own theory. So what is the energy that binds them together? Do they exist within their own gravitational universe? And if you think about that exchange of energy can the same be applied to humans and our connections? I feel there are unseen cords of energy linking us to our tribe, our inner circle, even the locations that we call home. I imagine a grid that draws us in to its energetic web and further reinforces our energetic connections. Now imagine millions of grids layered in the universe. Wow, I can even imagine grids of different dimensions if I think of it as layers. Just a thought that I’m projecting into the universe. And that thought travels the grid. Holy moly. My organic spring jasmine tea must of had a little something extra in it today. Reflect on energetic connections today and see what you come up with.

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oil and chlorophyll experimentFinally! I have been in a holding pattern for months. Literally the gears in my mind came to a screeching halt. Or did they? Perhaps they went into overdrive with extraneous pressure to perform and push out something creative and with purpose. Anyhow, I was caught up in a period in which “forced will” was driving the bus of intention to become a purposeful human being that has something of extraordinary significance to offer to the world. (Mouthful sentence. Apologies yet I never professed to having verbal skills.) In other words, I didn’t release my intention and let it out into the universe to unfold. I pushed and pushed and pushed. Lesson learned: trust, release and detach from the desired outcome, and have faith.

I believe it took a broken wrist to break the cycle and force myself to slow down. “Lay the swords down” as my friend and coach Maya has said. I can feel the bubbles of creativity making their way up from the soles of my feet and in my mind’s eye I can see the puzzle pieces poised to arrange themselves. As an artist, this is the moment of elation, of pure excitement. For so long I have been mired in mud fighting the molting period and now something extraordinary is finally about to burst forth.

My life is about wrangling energy and harnessing it into matter. ALCHEMY my friends. That’s why I’m here. I look forward to what transpires but for now I’m blissfully hanging in the time of magic and effervescence.

early spring, Figure 8

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Summer hiatus


I can say for certain that my mind has been devoid of expressive writing this summer. On the bright side, it has been chock full of images. I have basked in every landscape imaginable and tried in my little mind’s eye to record and remember, but mostly to live in the present moment. It has been a stretch of releasing old thoughts, feelings and beliefs and inviting in the new. It’s all good, right? Ahhh, indeed.


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For all of you out there that think I’m traveling all of the time and living it up…..well I am as much as possible. And I’m entitled since I’ll be fifty this year(kidding!). But that’s not the point. The reason I’m on your radar is because I write, blog, facebook, tweet, etc. about it or more importantly I photograph every little thing I do. With my iPhone. So enough of the excuses, show me your stuff. It’s so easy. Point, focus and shoot. Or video. It is very liberating! I’m trying to live in the present moment and I want to capture it all. So jump on my bandwagon and show me up. Please! Oh, and many of you are. Kudos to my peeps who are giving it there best. Especially on Instagram. We may be a small lot but we own it!




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There are a few precious moments in my life where I have incredible flashes of clarity. As if the universe has opened its curtain and allowed me a glimpse into the omniscient power of all thought. The puzzles of my life and all life click seamlessly together and make complete and utter sense. And in a flash, it is gone. But I know I made sense of my purpose and was granted a rare glimpse into the stream of consciousness because it was needed just at that moment. It is to know my truth, my wisdom and my glory. The neurons fired up in unison for this cathartic moment. And then the spell was broken. Why do you suppose we get these flashes of brilliance? Maybe to advance evolution. Maybe to reveal more of our path. Who knows but I love it and always remember that it happened. My path is to ensure I clear the way to have more of these awe-inspiring flashes of brilliance and to help others have them too! Lofty goals but I think it is possible. Nothing like having all of the cylinders firing at once!

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Moving Forward…

Just to keep you up to speed, I’ve been immersed in a coaching program for the last few weeks which will continue throughout the year. I have not stopped making jewelry though! 🙂 This seems to be the year to hunker down and study and find meaning in my life and work that I can carry through to my jewelry and my new intuitive life coaching venture! When, I’m not studying, I’m tinkering in my studio. I still love enameling and have also been on the hunt for mineral specimens to use in talisman pieces. Exciting things ahead!Image

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At Sea


Well, we bypassed Princess Cay today and are stuck onboard. Swells, rain. Oh my. Heading to Curaçao for better weather. So far, I’ve rolled with the ship. It was a rough night last night!

Met with our group briefly yesterday but the real fun begins this afternoon. I will get alot of guidance and one on one time because its a smaller group which is great! The only downside is I’m very solo at the moment. Dinner last night, solo. I’m trying to mingle in the lobby over coffee and find some groupies but no luck so far. I’m sure it will remedy itself once we get into the thick of things this afternoon.

Update! Internet is spotty. We are out to sea of course. Had our first formal workshop and it was very informative. And the sun came out and I got burned.

More later!


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Crown Princess. Bon Voyage!


Omg! Almost fifty and on my first cruise ever. I’m sure many of you are laughing at this point because I have been vehemently opposed to adventuring on the high seas with 3400+ people. So here’s the deal: I’m a huge fan of the delightful Colette Baron-Reid and since I’m stepping further into my role as a healer I thought it would be fantastic to join her group. I’m hoping to get some direction AND have a bit of fun at the same time. I think it will be an extraordinary group because Colette always attracts amazing healers of all types. Luckily, I already found my lovely friend Michelle and her husband Larry. They are really great people and I look forward to having fun without being a third wheel! So, my secret’s out about my mysterious cruise and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The engines are cranked up and we are pulling out of port. Stay tuned for more updates from the Caribbean!

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Head in the sand

Yes, yes. I’ve been dragging my feet in all areas of my life. Perhaps the pollen slowed me down or I just needed a break. All of my creativity is stuck in my head, swirling about like a top but has yet to escape through my hands. I did take a lovely lost wax casting class at Arrowmont and am still inspired by the process but find it too difficult to achieve in my own studio. So it seems it is break time again.

A few of my have photos from the last couple of weeks. From Gatlinburg to the Masters to the beach. You all know how much I love Instagram but I am quite saddened that they sold out!


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