Final pics from Tucson

A few more Tucson photos to share! Kate and Andrew just announced new blogging/pirating workshop dates so I am schmoozing the family in hopes I can go to Asheville in October. Since I will have been at Arrowmont the week before it might be a tough sell. Any pointers on how to win over family members? Maybe take care of the cat box for the rest of the year? Cook, clean and carpool like a proper wife?

Dinners were amazing as you can imagine. On our last night, Jeannette made lamb and Andrew whipped up a bananas foster with a lot of Kraken! Two more of my favorite photos from the Lost Barrio. Ken so elegantly dressed as his idol the matador and a boatload of religious items.


About baba paul

Crazy for photography, jewelry, travel and people. Most of the photos on this site were taken with an iphone!
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5 Responses to Final pics from Tucson

  1. katemckinnon says:

    BABA!!! Whereever that Ken Matador is I must run and buy it for the Barbie Coach. Do you remember? 22nd St? Copper Country? Awesome!


  2. Great pictures, Baba! Love the flaming bananas on the bread pudding.
    I so miss you and Dawn and the rest of the group.

  3. Dawn says:

    Those banannas were AWESOME!!!! Life at home seems so boring now…..poor Vig. I’m trying to convince him to learn to cook for me. Ha! He has agreed we can work on photography together and go onlong walks…….sounds like Senior Night Bingo. At least I have a Bingo Cage now. Maybe strip Bingo?
    YES Jeanette!!!! You must come to Asheville and share more stories! I miss you all.!

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