Last full day

I realize that I am incredibly lucky to be in a beautiful spot. I look around and know that my soul is restored simply by just looking at blue water and hearing the crashing of waves. Funny everyone has their own place of renewal. Mine will always be near water.


About baba paul

Crazy for photography, jewelry, travel and people. Most of the photos on this site were taken with an iphone!
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5 Responses to Last full day

  1. Dawn says:

    Cute boy!!!!
    I feel the same way about water……I often sit on our dock for hours just contemplating and bird watching. This usually includes a few glasses of wine ..we had a little fridge installed just for the wine and beer….with a lock to keep the kids out.
    Glad you feed revived!

  2. Ellen Kay says:

    Ahhh, Mexico. I sit in my living room near Seattle and look out at the remnant snow patches. It is cold enough to snow, which it is doing now. How clever of you to arrange such a nice vacation after the thrill of Tucson. I will have to live vicariously through your posts.

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