All right. It is time to face the Japanese disaster. I have been fully aware of what is going on and am extremely sympathetic. But have I let it slide a bit and continued on with my own drama every day? Yes, I’m guilty. Here’s the deal. It is so easy to send up a prayer and be on your way when these events are happening half a world away. The reality is we need to start mobilizing as one collective mind to come up with better, safer resources to help us live in this world. And the only way to do that is demand and expect the best. We have the technology. We can build buildings that are safer, harness power from the wind and generally stop polluting the earth. Until we use our individual buying power to put pressure on governments and individuals that are only concerned about their own bottom line nothing will change. We can’t even get solar panels on our roof without paying through the nose.

So what can I do for the devastated Japanese? I’m not exactly sure. I guess put a prayer out to the universe of hope and healing, send money, and start using my buying power to make a difference. And push harder to make a difference in my own back yard. Make small changes that can have a big impact down the road.


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5 Responses to Japan

  1. katemckinnon says:

    I’ll join you in that. I don’t see any other way forward but to start doing ourselves what we know needs to be done to change.

  2. Dawn says:

    Off the topic,but aren’t you going to Arrowmont this weekend??!!! I always find the outlook of the students and staff there very refreshing. Usually a very well read, well educated and just all around interesting group! Will be a hell of a lot more fun than the wedding I’m attending in Nashville…..I’m really jaded on the whole wedding thing. Have fun and post pics.

  3. Kathleen Hofstadter says:

    The events in Japan are hard to watch and the damage is almost hard to even comprehend. Maybe if everyone was willing to look at things from a perspective that didn’t involve money and profit and material gain we could live in a world where everyone is focused on gratitude for what is right in front of them. Appreciating the good is one way to highlight and stop the bad.

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