La La Land aka Art Camp

Me and Julie

On Saturday morning I  pulled away from my beloved Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts where I spent a glorious week absorbing massive amounts of information and inspiration from the very talented Robert Dancik. Who knew I would get an amazing teacher and someone who “gets” me all wrapped up in one person. Just when I think art camp can’t possibly get any better I get proved oh so wrong. As Robert explained, the teacher and the experience will appear just at the moment when you need it. Boy did I need it and I left satiated and deliciously full to the gills with creative ideas and several incredible new friends.

We spent waaaay too much time at the Hard Rock. (John and Jim)

Now on to the friend part. I was lucky to return to camp with my friend Jim (who is a fabulous wood-carver and turner) and as you do at camp you manage to collect friends fairly quickly. I made a beeline in class for Julie whom I still think reminds me of a woodland fairy. She has the most magnetic personality and all were enchanted by her and her jewel like blue eyes. And she can drop a damn good f bomb just when I need to hear it. Next, I collected a whole family. This story is just too good. The Brothers Evans came to camp at the request of their mother and what a family they are. All four brothers had me laughing hysterically every day and kept the drinks flowing every night. Definitely the family I would want to step into as the token sister. (Not sure I would survive though.) My hat’s off to your fabulous mom!

I made my way to Asheville Saturday morning a bit weepy that my week had come to an end but incredibly grateful to all that made it a week to remember.


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Crazy for photography, jewelry, travel and people. Most of the photos on this site were taken with an iphone!
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2 Responses to La La Land aka Art Camp

  1. Kathleen Hofstadter says:

    You look so happy!! Love the smiles….

  2. What a wonderful experience, Baba! I hope to take an art camp trip in the future. Now I’m very inspired to make it happen too.

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