So what’s going on for you this summer? I can say this is the most relaxed few weeks I’ve had in a very long time. I don’t have to chase the kids so much. They take off on their own. Nobody is in dire need and I think that’s a good thing. But is it the beginning of the end? Is this when it starts that I get frozen out by my kids? They don’t want to do anything with me? I’ve taught them how to be self-sufficient and now it bites me in the you know what. Everyone always craves more me time when they have kids but where is the happy medium? It’s either you are inundated or suddenly not. I’m baffled by the whole thing. The sweet reward is yucking it up with my mom who chuckles as I relate the teen angst ridden stories. Why didn’t Disney movies tell me it was going to be like this? Cinderella and the crew lied.


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6 Responses to Kids

  1. All I can do is relate my own life with my own kids to you. They will become more and more independent. Phase in more and more of your own independent interests. Encourage them to have their own lives while staying a part of yours in a way that is appropriate to their personal autonomy development. Let them go and they will come back and be a part of your life. Or not. Sometimes, boys especially, cleave to their girlfriends or wives. There is nothing you can do to change that but open your heart and home when they get to that time in their lives. They are not yours. They are here on earth to live their own destinies just like you are. Support them as you can.

  2. Dawn says:

    Thank God Disney was wrong! How boring. You seem to be doing a great job….they are doing just what they should be…forming their own lives and personalities. I read something recently that said “from the moment our children are born we are preparing them to leave”….BTW, you will be ready for them to take off by the time they are 18. They all get to big for their britches and need find their own way. Tough on Mom, but a good thing. Have a great 4th and a wonderful vacation with your whole family! Lucky girl.

  3. Kathleen Hofstadter says:

    Being a parent means teaching them to do it on their own and then letting go. Imagine how a mother bird must feel ( if birds do in fact have emotion) and apply it to your kid – the “fall” could have very similar results for both the baby bird and the child but that step is a part of “the circle of life” to quote Disney! This may have added more issues than anything else – do animals have emotions, is Disney just a load of crap, etc?!?!?

    • baba paul says:

      Easier said than done but love your analogy. I think when she fell out she bonked her head and woke up as a 19 yr old! Why aren’t you at the beach??

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