Trip of a lifetime.


I’m sitting in the Amsterdam airport in a sleep deprived daze trying to reflect on what was the trip of a lifetime to Africa. If Africa is not A number one on your bucket list it should be and I hope to be lucky enough to go back again. I’ll try and post pics and thoughts in the next few weeks but might I just say, “wow”. I’m overwhelmed.


About baba paul

Crazy for photography, jewelry, travel and people. Most of the photos on this site were taken with an iphone!
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3 Responses to Trip of a lifetime.

  1. Dawn says:

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip! Call me after you get home and rested.

  2. lisa humphries says:

    Baba, all I can saw is “wow”… what an amazing trip! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them. It looks like the trip of a lifetime! Can’t wait to catch up over coffee soon!

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