Now What?


Honestly I don’t know. I’ve gone through post trip depression before but not like this. Seriously. It’s as if all of the cells in my body are screaming “go back, go back”. I definitely left a part of myself in Africa and can feel the void lurking in the center of my being. My mind and body have experienced sensory overload in the cradle of civilization so certainly the pull is tremendous. Do my cells recognize Africa from a previous life? Don’t laugh. If quartz crystals can act as a conduit for information and store it in its matrix why can’t our cells?

I think that leaves me with reliving some of my finer photos from the summer. The artsy ones. I’ll throw a few at you each week.




About baba paul

Crazy for photography, jewelry, travel and people. Most of the photos on this site were taken with an iphone!
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6 Responses to Now What?

  1. lisa humphries says:

    Great photo’s Baba! I love the hot dog one! Made me smile today!

  2. Kathleen Hofstadter says:

    Life changing trips can leave a void that is hard to fill. I would invite you to step outside your comfort zone and visit Step Up – it too is a life changing trip and may be just the thing you need to bring you back full circle. Your trip has given you a different perspective on lots of things and it may be time to use that for the greater good right here at home! Let me know – we would love to have you.

    • baba paul says:

      Again, you are right on target Kathleen. For now I will go back to my reclusive ways and get back into my studio. I have missed it and it is necessary for my sanity! Although it is about time for me to start giving back.

  3. Baba, I so understand! Each time I come home from a bead show or great trip, I have what
    I call “post party depression”. Back to the ordinary, back to work, back to spending time trying to top the last wonderful experience. It takes a while to get back into your “regular” life.
    Thanks for sharing your great experiences in Africa with us.

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