Creative process


I have had plenty of time to over analyze the inner workings of my creative process since I just returned from art camp and I thought I would do a bit of sharing. Mind you, just writing this post is an ideal way to procrastinate. Anyhow, it goes something like this: arrive at one week camp excited, nervous, apprehensive and hopeful. Attend the first class, divulge any relevant info about myself, freak out about how much experience everyone else has in metalsmithing. Look forward to the first day of working and start in on the first project, marvel at how wonderful and talented the instructor is. In this case, Joanna Gollberg! By day two, I realize I’m starting to fall behind because I want to find my own interpretation of the projects. Waiting for the aha moment. Yikes. Put on the brakes because a meltdown is coming. Midweek freak out. I have no idea what is going on but in hindsight know that this is it! This is the moment when I’m incubating my idea,tossing and turning it around in my subconscious. This is when I need to be put in my own cubicle because it is not pretty or happy. Maybe even with a straightjacket. Paranoia, doubt and impatience precede exhilaration, elation and that magical moment of I got it! And all of these emotions get briefly entangled. (Envision the Tazmanian Devil.) Finally, by the second to last day, I can actually create and get to work and express my ideas. Always in the nick of time. So I’m a late starter and late bloomer but in the last moments I am fruitful. I go home knowing that even though I have forced the process I have come out the other side a changed person with a handful of jewelry to show for it. And hopefully no one was harmed in the process. Thanks to all that hold my hand during these crazy times and continue to want to bear witness to them time and again. Amen.


About baba paul

Crazy for photography, jewelry, travel and people. Most of the photos on this site were taken with an iphone!
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