The Education of Baba

This will be the season to move from discontentment to contentment courtesy of my great friend Molly. I have lived in Raleigh,NC since 1996. It is a beautiful town but it is not my town and it’s about time I realize that this is not a temporary stay for me. Somehow during the course of raising children I have let life in Raleigh pass me by. I know very little about the city except in passing. I tend to remain on the periphery.

I come from a town, Jacksonville,FL, that tends to be very open armed about its newcomers. Jacksonville embraces new blood and pulls people into its heart and soul. It seems to be a very engaging city. Maybe it is because it does not have several University’s centralizing and dividing its folks. Who knows. But the fact that I did not go to any NC university has me at a distinct disadvantage. And i tend to be reclusive by nature throw in kids and it is easy to have the years slip by being an observer on the sidelines. I don’t have a group to huddle with or a real feeling of purpose here yet.I do, however have many fabulous friends from all different types of groups.

Here is where Molly comes in. A former gallery owner, she has always had a pulse on the arts community and a real knack for being a connector of all different types of people. Over lunch the other day, she was astonished by how little I know of Raleigh and all it has to offer. So over the next few months she will be my guide and mentor. My goal is to become a living, breathing part of the town I live in and to revel in everything it has to offer. And to meet people who get my artistic quirkiness.

We are off to a great start! Yesterday we walked the trails around the art museum and even took the footbridge over 440. I had no idea how to do that before. This is going to be fun!


About baba paul

Crazy for photography, jewelry, travel and people. Most of the photos on this site were taken with an iphone!
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7 Responses to The Education of Baba

  1. Ken Thomas says:

    I lived in the Raleigh area for 13 years, and never did manage to develop a ‘social circle’ there. When you say something like that, people think the area must be unfriendly, but I don’t think that’s the problem. In fact, I think it’s very friendly. I think the problem is that no one is from there.

    Raleigh has grown so fast and so much, that any social circle has to be one you create on your own. Everybody gets used to being a stranger in town, not really knowing anybody, and it just stays that way because everyone else is a stranger in town too.

  2. Laura Flavin says:

    yay Baba !! I a so excited for you, it will be good to change your perspective and meet like minded people. I do think they are there for you 🙂

  3. Ellen Stoune says:

    Ya know, Baba, I felt the same way about my little ole Rock Hill. Had no idea what was happening and didn’t really know anybody after living here some 10 years now. But like you, I found myself ready for community and when I was, the community opened it’s arms. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a similar experience. A year from now, you’ll be posting about how you have to ignore your door bell to get any jewelry made because nobody will leave you the hell alone.

  4. Joanna says:

    Good for you. I completely understand where you are coming from. It is so easy for one’s world to get smaller…and smaller…and smaller. Have fun!

    Do I know Molly? She used to have a gallery/Bar in Raleigh? If it is the same Molly, she is super cool!

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