Raleigh, too

I had a lovely dinner with a terrific friend last night who has the incredible gift of clarity. After tackling a slew of topics, we delved into the “Raleigh” conversation. My stance has been that I feel like I’m living in someone else’s town, which is true, but what became very clear is that I’m not going to embrace my city (or vice versa) if I’m a recluse. At least that was my takeaway that I pondered all night long. So to revise my stance, this is a fabulous town that I don’t know but I’m willing to get out there and meet my new people. What I also haven’t stated clearly is how lucky I am to have the friends I have here. A solid group that is always there for me when or if I need them. And we have quite alot of fun. Maybe what I struggle with is environment and setting. I have always been partial to the look and feel of Florida. Who knows. But I still ought to get out of my front door and see for myself.

And one other thing. It is no secret I can go to deep, dark places. Maybe that’s the chemical brain of an empathic artist. But I have a niggling thought that this is what alienates me from other people and puts me at arms length with many. S all of you that understand what I’m talking about lets start a meet up! We can wallow together.


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Crazy for photography, jewelry, travel and people. Most of the photos on this site were taken with an iphone!
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5 Responses to Raleigh, too

  1. katemckinnon says:

    I found that the only thing that helped me come to terms with St. Louis (which, like Raleigh, is a lovely place filled with cool things to do) was to spend time away from it. Why I live part time in Tucson.

    If you grew up with the mountains, the desert, or the ocean and the beach in your psyche, you can just FORGET about finding comfort in places like Raleigh or St. Louis. All you can do is enjoy your life, make bargains with yourself, and get the hell out, frequently. Which you do, but maybe you could do it in a more focused manner, and deliberately make a space for yourself in a place that your spirit releases.

    For example, if Florida is what you want, you could rent a small guest house, or studio apartment. Keep a bolt-hole in the place you need to be. And GO THERE. For like, a week at a time. You will get as much out of that as you will out of a workshop at Penland. You have enough packed into your head to last for decades. Start unpacking it.

    That’s my advice.

  2. Zoe Nelson says:

    I grew up in Raleigh and now live outside of Boone. If I still lived there we would probably be good friends. I had to get out and to the country. The woods and the streams are where I need to be. I still call Raleigh “home”, although none of my relatives are there any more, either.

    • baba paul says:

      Hi Zoe! Yes we would be friends! I love your work. I, too, love metal clay although I’m taking a bit of a break since the prices are so high. Boone is lovely. Do you ever go to Penland or Arrowmont? That is how I get my mountain fix!Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog!

      • Zoe Nelson says:

        I’ve been doing more with copper and bronze lately. It’s been fun to work with. Penland has been on my list for several years – ever since Joyce Scott taught a beadwork class that sold out in a heartbeat. I haven’t seen any other class that is worth a week of my time during the summer when I’m reeeeally busy.

        I know you’ll find lots of fun people and things to do. You know about the First Friday thing in the Glenwood Avenue area, don’t you?

        Get in touch if you’re ever in my neck of the woods.

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