The last year and a half has been about learning. By that I mean how one learns. Sure, I’ve been on the road taking new metalsmithing classes but this is different. It is examining how one learns. My very bright son learns differently than most and we have spent several years examining exactly what that looks like. We are still unsure what that means and I think it will be a long journey but we are very clear that he does not fit into the model of the typical, archaic learning system. The extraordinary thing is, he has my brain! I never realized I had skirted through and around the system and survived with minor battle scars such as depression until recently. So I’m spending countless hours trying to research and stay ahead of the system which is no mean feat. Do you realize that schools now teach several grades “above” what the grade did back in our day? There is no room to be a kid anymore and one blip and your out on your ear. If I were a brave and patient person I would be a strong advocate for homeschooling.

Technology has blitzed into our world at warp speed yet education has for the most part stayed the same with the exception of smart boards thrown in here and there. So what to do about these kids who need to experience learning not experience rote memorization. Hopefully in a few more years they will be able to tell us how to teach them. And don’t get me started on the perils of underprivileged kids. No wonder they fail and dropout at an alarming rate. Maybe it’s because they have a learning disorder yet the schools are not equipped to handle them. If Albert Einstein would have left a manual on teaching and learning we wouldn’t be in this mess! And yes, he was dyslexic.


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7 Responses to Learning

  1. dawn says:

    Great post….look forward to seeing you and hearing all about this. Good luck with everything…you are very brave! Miss you my friend.

  2. Kathleen Hofstadter says:

    How to teach kids is not any easy thing to figure out – kids are all so different and yet expected to fit into the very rigid mold of an education system that doesn’t really recognize the individual. Good luck on your journey through this maze!

  3. Connell Pinckney says:

    Agree 100%. You need to check out The Fletcher School in Charlotte. They understand how to teach our children. Frustration and anxiety goes away when you place them in an environment that is conducive to how they learn. We are so blessed to have Fletcher in our community.

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