Crown Princess. Bon Voyage!


Omg! Almost fifty and on my first cruise ever. I’m sure many of you are laughing at this point because I have been vehemently opposed to adventuring on the high seas with 3400+ people. So here’s the deal: I’m a huge fan of the delightful Colette Baron-Reid and since I’m stepping further into my role as a healer I thought it would be fantastic to join her group. I’m hoping to get some direction AND have a bit of fun at the same time. I think it will be an extraordinary group because Colette always attracts amazing healers of all types. Luckily, I already found my lovely friend Michelle and her husband Larry. They are really great people and I look forward to having fun without being a third wheel! So, my secret’s out about my mysterious cruise and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The engines are cranked up and we are pulling out of port. Stay tuned for more updates from the Caribbean!


About baba paul

Crazy for photography, jewelry, travel and people. Most of the photos on this site were taken with an iphone!
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2 Responses to Crown Princess. Bon Voyage!

  1. Barbara says:

    OMG you are going to love it I promise……cant wit to hear!

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