My (Un)Truth

Morning gloryPay attention friends, this was huge for me. Buried deep in my psyche has been a long-held belief that has driven my life as a truth and today I plucked it out with tweezers and recognized the absolute absurdity of it. Where in the world did I come up with this one “truth” that has shaped my life for 51 years. It goes like this: ONCE YOU HAVE IT ALL THEN YOU DIE. Omg, really??? No wonder I have a huge fear of success. I mean, this is monumental. Yep, I held on to the notion that if I had achieved all I wanted in this life that that was what the purpose of life was and then you die. Not just a little but as in dirt nap.

I went out for a morning run/walk this morning and as I was listening to Mike Dooley and his audiobook, Manifesting Change,  it dawned on me that it is pretty hard to manifest change when you have a ginormous boulder that blocks the path at every turn. I’m horrified and elated at the same time. I held this belief all of my life and in the blink of an eye I can discard it like a cheap suit. I distinctly remember believing this as a kid. “Don’t wish for too much, Baba or your life will be over. ” Or, “Life is about achieving what you want and then you die.” I actually believed this! Talk about anti-manifesting.

Perhaps this is the monumental shift that I have been summoning for the last week. The electric undercurrent of something bigger than myself at play. I must be manifesting change and it is okay to believe I will fly privately for the rest of my life. Happy trails my friends. May you manifest exactly what you think about because as Mike famously says, “thoughts become things. Choose the good ones. “


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5 Responses to My (Un)Truth

  1. Nank says:

    My dear Baba,
    I have often thought that same thought, but “went for success anyway.” Because I do not know, nor can perceive, that what I see as an end goal is actually a stepping stone toward something bigger… Keep working toward greater success! I believe you are great and will continue to evolve and transform in your greatness. XO

  2. Hall Barnett says:


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  3. we meet at a metal clay class in Tucson years ago. Thanks for this post life changing. debi

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