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Crazy for photography, jewelry, travel and people. Most of the photos on this site were taken with an iphone!

My (Un)Truth

Pay attention friends, this was huge for me. Buried deep in my psyche has been a long-held belief that has driven my life as a truth and today I plucked it out with tweezers and recognized the absolute absurdity of … Continue reading

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I confess that I know nothing of astronomy but I remain utterly fascinated by the galaxy and its secrets and revelations. A thought occurred to me about connectivity and how the constellations have connected stars and have for as long … Continue reading

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Finally! I have been in a holding pattern for months. Literally the gears in my mind came to a screeching halt. Or did they? Perhaps they went into overdrive with extraneous pressure to perform and push out something creative and … Continue reading

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Summer hiatus

I can say for certain that my mind has been devoid of expressive writing this summer. On the bright side, it has been chock full of images. I have basked in every landscape imaginable and tried in my little mind’s … Continue reading

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For all of you out there that think I’m traveling all of the time and living it up…..well I am as much as possible. And I’m entitled since I’ll be fifty this year(kidding!). But that’s not the point. The reason … Continue reading

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There are a few precious moments in my life where I have incredible flashes of clarity. As if the universe has opened its curtain and allowed me a glimpse into the omniscient power of all thought. The puzzles of my … Continue reading

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Moving Forward…

Just to keep you up to speed, I’ve been immersed in a coaching program for the last few weeks which will continue throughout the year. I have not stopped making jewelry though! 🙂 This seems to be the year to … Continue reading

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At Sea

Well, we bypassed Princess Cay today and are stuck onboard. Swells, rain. Oh my. Heading to Curaçao for better weather. So far, I’ve rolled with the ship. It was a rough night last night! Met with our group briefly yesterday … Continue reading

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Crown Princess. Bon Voyage!

Omg! Almost fifty and on my first cruise ever. I’m sure many of you are laughing at this point because I have been vehemently opposed to adventuring on the high seas with 3400+ people. So here’s the deal: I’m a … Continue reading

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Head in the sand

Yes, yes. I’ve been dragging my feet in all areas of my life. Perhaps the pollen slowed me down or I just needed a break. All of my creativity is stuck in my head, swirling about like a top but … Continue reading

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